Heat seal shrink wrapping machine

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Heat seal shrink wrapping machine

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Heat seal shrink wrapping machine

Suitable shrink film: POF 

Application: food, cosmetics, stationary, hardware, daily used products, pharmaceutical etc.

Packaging style: L type full closed packing 

Production Introduction: 

This machine has an imported PLC automatic program control, easy operation, safety protection and alarm function that effectively prevents incorrect packaging. It is equipped with an imported horizontal and vertical detection photoelectric, which makes it easy to switch selections. The machine can be connected directly with the production line, no need additional operators. 

 is a fully automatic unmanned operation L type sealing machine which is widely used in mass production packaging line with high efficiency.

2. It adopts the most advanced INOVANCE PLC controller, which equipped with safety protection and alarm function. The sealing system can give the continuous and smooth sealing order without replacement, very stable runnin g. The operation and maintenance are very simple.

3. Sealing knife uses the alloy steel knife with DuPont Teflon which is anti-stick coating & anti-high temperature. So the sealing will not have cracking, coking and smoking with zero pollution. The sealing balance itself is also equipped with automatic protection function which effectively prevent from accidental cutting;

4. Manually adjustable film-guide system and feeding conveyor platform make the machine suitable for different width and height items. When the packaging size changes, the adjustment is very simple by rotating the hand wheel without changing molds and bag makers;

5. Automatically-feeding: the length can be auto adjusted by the sensor and time replay. Matched the reduction motor makes the waste film automatically rolling;

6. Automatic film feeding punching device is to drill away the air and make sure the packing result is good;

7. Equipped with imported USA Banner photoelectric of horizontal and vertical detection for choice to easily finish the sealing of thin and small items;

8. Using original TESHOW digital temperature controller. Sealing blade temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate and we can be arbitrarily set. Do not worry about hurting the product for imprecise temperature. 

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